Maintaining Healthy Smiles

Maintaining Healthy Smiles

we believe prevention is better than cure

Amazing Smiles Gold Coast and Brisbane Dentists believe in preventative dental care to help minimise oral hygiene deterioration.

As we all know, there are several things we can do to protect our teeth, including regular cleaning, flossing and maintaining a healthy diet.

Visiting the Dentist/Oral Health Therapist is crucial for maintaining our oral health. Patients shouldn’t wait for severe pain or problems until they see a dentist, but for regular preventive dental checkups and treatments.

Preventative Dental Care Gold Coast and Brisbane Going to the dentist is a little like maintaining a vehicle. We all know regular servicing keeps our vehicles in top condition. As a result, we are saving time and money.

Mechanics replace worn out parts, detect and repair problems when they are minor and service the vehicle overall. We take our vehicle to the mechanic and trust them to carry out whatever necessary work to keep us motoring. A similar comparison is visiting the dentist!

Regular smile servicing keeps our mouths in tip top condition and saves us time and money in the long run. Dentists and Oral Health Therapists replace fillings when worn, detect decay, and repair teeth when dental issues are minor. Routine scaling and cleaning keep our smiles bright and healthy.

Understanding your dental health will help you smile with confidence and put you and your family on the path to good oral health.

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