Dentistry and Covid-19

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Dentists throughout Australia continue to operate as standard providing all treatments that each clinic may provide during increased numbers of Covid-19 in the community.

The only circumstances when changes occur are from recommendations from the Australian Dental Association (ADA) or The Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC). When an epidemiological infection rate within the local community is high, the ADA imposes either Level 2 or Level 3 temporary regulations for all dental clinics. Level increases within a local area may restrict specific treatments that dentists offer.

As health professionals, dentists have taken the pandemic thoughtfully. Dentists have a history of understanding Infection Prevention & Control Procedures from tertiary education to professional health and safety policies. Masks, Gloves and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are standard practices.

How do dentists undertake infection control?

For decades, Dentists throughout Australia and worldwide have had stringent safety policies and disinfectant practices.

Medical studies have found that regular dental visits are vital for the longevity of your natural teeth.

Neglecting oral health affects your body’s overall well-being, including; heart disease, inflammation, lung infection, aspiration, and other damage mouth and teeth.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, international studies and results have shown that it has been safe to go to the dentist. In the United States, a survey by the American Dental Association has reported that less than 2.6% of dentists have been covid-19 positive (as of November 2020). These statistics are lower than other health professions.

Dentist Dr Mila and Dental Assistant Tarly
Dentist Dr Mila and Dental Assistant Tarly of Amazing Smiles Gold Coast

Is it safe to visit the dentist during the pandemic?

Australian dental professionals have some of the highest infection control standards in the world.

Patient and staff safety is paramount in the routine operations of a dental clinic.

During periods of lockdown or increases in covid cases in the community, dentists take additional precaution methods and patient screening or triaging for extra safety. Such measures help mitigate bacterial transmissions.

What should I do when visiting a dental clinic?

As a team, Amazing Smiles are here to help mitigate any spread of Covid or Viral infection throughout the local community. We’re more than happy to accommodate your needs for patients apprehensive about visiting a dentist due to the Covid.

Patients are more than welcome to wait outside or in their care before their dental appointment. Our clinics have sufficient private car spaces or public street parking available.

Patients can phone upon arrival and may enter directly into the dental chair upon appointment when advised.

Otherwise, if wearing masks have not been made mandatory indoors, we can provide patients and guardians with a mask upon entry to our clinics for their appointment.

Please phone your nearest dentist upon arrival or inform the clinic specifically for personal requests.

What if I have covid-19 and may need dental?

If you require urgent dental care and either tested positive for Covid-19 or are waiting upon results, it is vital to call your nearest dental clinic to discuss your situation.

Alternatively, contact your nearest hospital with appropriate facilities to accommodate Covid patients.

Dentist’s response to coronavirus

Throughout the pandemic, our commitment to smiles remains the same.

Amazing Smiles are dedicated to delivering exceptional, patient first dental treatments. Staff members are vaccinated following the regulations set forth by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (APHRA).

Operating under comprehensive clinical health guidelines, our dentists aim to serve beyond the dental chair to provide safety for all patients and staff.

Amazing Smiles dental clinics always maintain a high level of infection control and stringent cleaning for optimum hygiene to help ensure safety not only within our clinic but throughout our community.

Your oral health and well being is our highest priority. Amazing Smiles are the Smile Care people.

Dr Maggie - Dentist Gold Coast
Dr Maggie – Dentist Gold Coast

Helping to Stop the Spread & Keep You Safe

  • Patients will be triaged and screened before an appointment. These include questions relating to travel, ill symptoms, or close contact with a positive Covid case or zoned area.
  • The patient waiting area and rooms are regularly wiped down and sanitised.
  • Hand sanitiser is provided to all patients upon entry and available after treatment.
  • If masks are required indoors due to Government regulations, masks will be provided to all patients and guardians upon entry.
  • High contact toys and reading materials have been removed from the waiting area.
  • One of our team will advise you on when you may enter the clinic. If stricter social distancing applies, waiting in the car or outside somewhere safe until your dental chair room is an available option. Please get in touch with our clinic upon arrival to let us know.
  • Cash transactions are still ok. Our reception staff regularly sanitise and wash their hands.

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