Custom Mouthguards

Custom Mouthguards

Custom Coloured and Fitted Sports Mouthguards for all ages

Are you interested in getting a Custom coloured and fitted mouth guards for contact sports?

We all know how important looking after our teeth is. Investing in a custom-fitted mouthguard costs less than a pair of sports shoes or boots.

Custom mouthguards are a minimal investment compared to the expense, time and heartache of having dental treatment due to a facial injury.

Generic over the counter mouthguards tend to be quite large and bulky, making them uncomfortable. They can also make it difficult to breathe and talk in other cases.

Professionally made, custom fitted mouthguards allow for:

  • Protection of the teeth, dislocations, or tooth fractures
  • Reduction in oral lacerations and bruises from the impact
  • Prevention of jaw fractures and breakages
  • Prevention of concussion
  • Greater comfort
  • Better speech
  • Easier breathing
Mouthguard Dentist

Do you have private health? Your health fund may entirely or partially cover the cost of a mouthguard!

Did you know that your private health ‘extras’ may completely cover the cost of a custom-fitted mouthguard?

Other health funds may partially cover the investment of a mouthguard to help protect and preserve your teeth.

If you’re unsure? We welcome you to contact one of our nearest clinics for further information.

Amazing Smiles have a variety of colours to choose from when selecting custom mouthguards, which can also be mixed to reflect team colours.

Our dental team can supply you with a custom mouthguard specific to your mouth. The distinction in custom dental mouthguards is the size and comfort. Customised sports mouthguards can dramatically affect the biting of your jaw, comfort, and, importantly, breathing.

If you’re into sports and are looking to protect your teeth, come into one of our clinics so that we can provide you with a custom mouthguard specific to the fitting of your mouth.

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