Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

The bright white smile that you've dreamed of at an affordable price

dental teeth whitening

Most people want a whiter, brighter smile. Unfortunately no toothpaste by itself can guarantee a white smile as they only remove external stains. That’s why Amazing Smiles is pleased to offer our patients a safe, cost effective way of getting a whiter, better smile in the shortest possible time. How? By using a technique known as cosmetic teeth whitening or bleaching.

Enamel stains or discoloration, trauma to baby teeth, which has stained permanent teeth and a general discoloured pattern in teeth, can all benefit from bleaching. Bleaching can also be the next step prior to cosmetic treatment to provide a uniform appearance.

This cosmetic teeth whitening process makes it easy to bleach the teeth. First, you come for an examination to make sure there are no restoration problems and to make sure that bleaching is appropriate for you. Then we’ll examine your mouth, and take any necessary x-rays, for safety’s sake.

It is recommended to have your teeth professionally cleaned to remove any excess plaque or damaging build up on your teeth.

What is Pola White Teeth Whitening?

Pola teeth whitening is formulated to safely remove hard, longer term stains from your teeth and return your smile to your whitest natural shade possible. All without damaging the health of your teeth. Pola White is clinically tested and made in Australia.

pola day teeth whitening

SDI have created a unique high water content formulation that contains a neutral pH and a high viscosity to protect your gums during treatment. Pola White Teeth Whitening also contains fluoride, to remineralise your teeth and protect against tooth sensitivity.

When Pola White is applied to your teeth, the refined formula safely enters your tooth enamel to actively remove longer-term stains and discolouration. The stain molecules are then naturally coated by your saliva, which safely removes them from your system.

pola white teeth whitening

Pola whitening formula is exclusively available through trained and registered dental clinics.

Do I need to have a check-up and clean with teeth whitening?

Dentist Checkup and Clean

In most cases yes. Otherwise, it is recommended to have been to your regular dentist recently within a couple of months prior. The reason as to why this is often preferred is because your dentist can perform a scale and clean to remove any bacterial (plaque or tartar) back up on your teeth and along the gum line.

This will allow teeth whitening agents to be able to bleach your teeth more effectively since their is less staining or bacterial build-up that may hinder its performance.

Getting a check-up and clean performed prior can help dentists identify if there are any signs of decay, cavities, or soft enamel. It is often recommended to have these attended to prior. Dependent upon the breakdown of enamel, applying a teeth whitening agent to cavities may increase sensitivity to the tooth.

A check-up and clean appointment will also allow you or the dentist to identify the sensitivities of your teeth and gums. In doing so higher or lower percentage levels of hydrogen peroxide within the gel agents can be recommended.

Teeth whitening compounds do not work on artificial restorations such as veneers, fillings, or crowns.

Why use dental teeth whitening products?

Unfortunately with today’s ability to promote unregulated products through social media or the internet there are currently a vast array of products that are being produced by companies with limited to no professional dental experience. Some of which endorse celebrities and popular internet personalities with porcelain veneers. These products also have unclear or unknown manufacturing processes with chemicals or compounds. Because of this, most are also not TGA (or FDA) approved.

A majority of teeth whitening systems particularly “non chemical based” use sodium bicarbonate as the active whitening ingredient. Sodium bicarbonate is commonly known as baking soda or bicarbonate of soda. Unfortunately sodium bicarbonate is a weaker formula, which can only treat mild surface stains.

Pola has been developed by SDI, an Australian company that has 50 years experience in oral health. Pola’s scientific formula has been extensively refined over many decades through clinical research to ensure the most effective and best whitening results. Pola White is also recommended by industry professional dentists worldwide, across 100 countries.

How at Home Whitening is done?

The whitening gel is applied to your teeth by a whitening tray (a thin plastic flexible mouth guard) so only the teeth to be bleached are covered by the gel. We measure your mouth and take an impression of your upper and lower teeth. This impression will be used to make a bleaching tray to specially fit your mouth exactly. This usually takes about 2 days to make. When the tray is complete, you’ll come back for instructions and supplies.

We will show you how to use the gel and to apply it correctly. We usually advise wearing them for period of one to two hours at a time, once to twice a day, over a two-week period. Or there is another type of whitening gel, which you wear over night for five days. You can choose the type of bleaching that best suits your lifestyle. Results usually last a long time, but will gradually fade, therefore we usually recommend a 1 or 2 monthly “touch up” treatment of 1 – 2 days duration. Your mouth is unlikely to change and so your trays will still fit. Should you run out of bleach we can sell you a top up bottle.

In-chair whitening?

Some people desire a faster result, in which case you can do an in office whitening. This process is also called in-chair Bleaching.

It takes approximately one hour in the dentists’ chair to lighten your teeth one or two shades.

For best long term results we recommend you follow up with an at home whitening routine.

Are there any side effects?

The whitening gel we use has been proven to be a safe and effective treatment. It does not damage or weaken the enamel of teeth.

Some patients may experience a temporary increase in teeth sensitivity, although the gel concentration we use makes this unlikely. Should it occur we suggest stopping the bleaching process for 1 -2 days to give your teeth a rest, then continue the process.

Gum irritation may also occur, especially if you have gingivitis and bleeding gums to start with. For this reason we recommend a thorough teeth and gum cleaning prior to commencing the bleaching process.

I have sensitive teeth, can I get Teeth Whitening?

Patients with sensitive will need to be examined by the dentist prior to undertaking any form of whitening. Examination by dentists allows for professional assessment of your enamel and prescription of appropriate gel grades.

How many Shades lighter can I go?

On average most patients see a 2-3 shade change lighter. Shades are based on the clinical referral chart provided by SDI Polawhite. Our dentists will consult you on strength and whitening application recommendations based on your teeth. Polawhite has been clinically tested to protect your teeth and gums.

Polawhite SDI Shade Chart

Fletcher Kirkman

A bright smile signifies health and vitality. Over time your teeth can become stained and discoloured.

This may be caused by drinking coffee, drinking red wine, smoking and aging (to name a few).

To brighten up your pearly whites consider tooth whitening.

At Amazing Smiles Cosmetic Dental we choose a whitening treatment that:

  • Offers longest-lasting results.
  • Provides you with a natural, shining pearly look.
  • Is clinically proven to be effective and safe.
  • All packages include professional examination and administered by Australian registered dentists.
  • Patient Specific Whitening trays are molded and contoured to fit your teeth and mouth to ensure a more accurate bleaching of teeth.
  • Whitening agents are only available by dental prescription only due to administering appropriate whitening strengths. If sensitivity occurs, then dentists can prescribe softer gels.

    Official SDI Polawhite Partner

    Official SDI Polawhite Partner

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