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Dental Teeth Whitening

Dental teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental treatment that involves the use of special techniques to lighten the colour of teeth and remove stains and discolouration.

Teeth can become discoloured or stained over time due to a variety of factors, such as aging, certain medications, tobacco use, or consuming certain foods and drinks.

Dental teeth whitening is typically performed in a dentist’s office, although at-home teeth whitening options are available.

In-office teeth whitening involves using a potent bleaching agent, which is applied to the teeth and activated with a special light.

The procedure typically takes less than an hour and can produce noticeable results immediately.

At-home teeth whitening options typically involve custom-fitted trays and a lower-strength bleaching agent.

The trays are worn for a specified amount each day for several weeks, depending on the desired level of whitening.

Teeth whitening is a safe and effective cosmetic dental treatment, although it may not suit everyone. It’s important to consult with a qualified dental professional to determine if teeth whitening is appropriate for your individual needs and goals.

In some cases, teeth may not respond to whitening treatments due to certain types of stains or discolouration.

Additionally, overuse or misuse of teeth whitening products can cause sensitivity and other side effects. Your dentist can recommend the most appropriate teeth whitening treatment based on your needs and preferences.

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Pola Smile Teeth Whitening

Recommended by professional dentists worldwide

Procedure for Teeth Whitening

A whitening tray (a thin plastic flexible mouth guard) applies the whitening gel to your teeth so the gel covers only the teeth to bleach.

We measure your mouth and assess your upper and lower teeth. Teeth impressions are used to make bleaching trays to fit your mouth especially.

Custom trays take approximately two days to make in Australia. When the tray is complete, you’ll return for instructions and supplies.

We will show you how to use the gel and apply it correctly. We usually advise wearing trays for 30 minutes to two hours at a time, once to twice daily, over two weeks. However, this may vary based on the guidelines of the particular gel.

There are other whitening formulas that you wear overnight for five days.

You can choose the type of bleaching that best suits your lifestyle. Results usually last a long time but will gradually fade.

Therefore, we typically recommend a 1 or 2 monthly “touch-up” treatment of 1-2 days. Your mouth is unlikely to change, so your trays will still fit. We can sell you a top-up bottle if you run out of bleach.

How much does professional teeth whitening cost?

Teeth Whitening Packages

Prices below does not include check-up and clean fee, which is recommended prior to receiving professional whitening treatment.

Starter Bright Kit$295

  • Custom Upper and Lower trays. Moulded specifically for your teeth, ensuring accurate cover of whitening gel across teeth
  • Sensitive toothpaste
  • Private health may cover a portion of the teeth whitening costs for the custom trays (please check with your provider as this varies upon individual cover)
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Full Bright Kit$395

  • Custom Upper and Lower trays. Moulded specifically for your teeth, ensuring accurate cover of whitening gel across teeth
  • 10 Bleaching gel tubes
  • Sensitive toothpaste
  • Tray case for hygienic storage
  • Complimentary pre-bleaching cleanse and polish
  • Additional bleaching gels. Ten whitening gel tubes in total
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Pola Smile In-Chair Bleaching$499

  • 15-30 minute packages for quicker results than take-home kits
  • Up to 38% bleaching agent with Pola Rapid or 35% with Pola Office
  • Performed by a dental professional
  • Only one consult is required
  • SAVE! As part of this package, purchase the Starter Bright Kit for just an additional $150
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Why we recommend Pola Smile

  • Fluoride releasing – Pola Day and Pola Night both contain fluoride, which helps
    strengthen the tooth to protect it against sensitivity.
  • Safe and convenient – unique high water content formulation has a neutral pH to protect gums and teeth during treatment.
  • Effective whitening with long lasting results – The desired whitening effect
    can be achieved in as little as 15 minutes.
  • Only available from registered dentists – All packages include Australian registered dentists’ professional examinations. Dentists examine the health of your teeth before providing or applying whitening products.

    Whitening agents are only available by dental prescription only due to administering appropriate whitening strengths.

    If sensitivity occurs, then dentists can prescribe softer gels.

  • Custom trays provide better gel application – custom moulded whitening trays to fit your teeth and mouth to ensure more accurate teeth bleaching.

Pola Smile Options

Please check with your nearest Amazing Smiles product regarding the range in stock.
  • Pola Luminate – 6% teeth whitening agent
  • Pola Office – 35% teeth whitening agent
  • Pola Rapid – 38% teeth whitening agent
  • Pola Day – Products ranges between 6%-9.5% teeth whitening agent
  • Pola Night – Products range between 10%-22% teeth whitening agent
  • Pola for Aligners – 10% teeth whitening agent
  • Pola Day CP – 35% teeth whitening agent

$145 Check-up & Cleans*

Special offer for new dental patients to Amazing Smiles Dentistry.

For patients with no private health, pay only $145 for a Check-up and Clean* or No-GAP for patients using eligible cover.

Standard fees apply for patients using No-GAP. Getting a check-up, scale and clean before getting any professional teeth whitening treatment is highly recommended.

Pola White Teeth Whitening

Pola Smile Teeth Whitening safely removes hard, longer-term stains from your teeth and returns your smile to your whitest natural shade, all without damaging the health of your teeth.

Pola Smile is clinically tested and made in Australia.

SDI has created a unique high-water content formulation with a neutral pH and a high viscosity to protect your gums during treatment.

Pola White Teeth Whitening also contains fluoride to remineralise your teeth and protect against tooth sensitivity.

When applying Pola Smile to your teeth, the advanced formula safely enters your enamel to remove longer-term stains and discolouration.

The stain molecules are then naturally coated by your saliva, safely removing them from your system.

Pola teeth whitening formula is exclusively available through trained and registered dental clinics.

In most cases, yes. Dental Check-up is preferred because your dentist can perform a scale and clean to remove any bacteria (plaque or tartar) back up on your teeth and along the gum line.

Otherwise, it is advised to have been to your dentist recently within a couple of months prior.

Visiting a dentist for a prior check-up allows teeth whitening agents to bleach your teeth more effectively since minor staining or bacterial build-up may hinder its performance.

Getting a check-up and cleaning performed prior can help dentists identify if there are any signs of decay, cavities, or soft enamel. Dependent upon enamel breakdown, applying a teeth-whitening agent to holes may increase sensitivity to the tooth.

A check-up and clean appointment will also allow you or the dentist to identify the sensitivities of your teeth and gums. Therefore, your dentist may recommend higher or lower percentage levels of hydrogen peroxide within the gel agents.

Teeth whitening compounds do not work on artificial restorations such as veneers, fillings, or crowns.

Unfortunately, with today’s ability to promote unregulated products through social media or the internet, many products are produced by companies with limited professional dental experience.

Some of which endorse celebrities and famous internet personalities with porcelain veneers.

These products also have unclear or unknown manufacturing processes with chemicals or compounds. Because of this, most are also not TGA (or FDA) approved.

Most teeth whitening systems, mainly “non-chemical based”, use sodium bicarbonate as the active whitening ingredient. Sodium bicarbonate is commonly known as baking soda or bicarbonate of soda.

Unfortunately, sodium bicarbonate is a weaker formula, which can only treat mild surface stains.

Pola’s scientific formula has been extensively refined through clinical research to ensure the most effective and best whitening results.

Pola is developed by SDI, an Australian company that has 50 years of experience in oral health.

Pola White is also recommended by professional dentists worldwide across 100 countries.

Yes, we also provide fast in-chair teeth whitening.

Some people desire a faster result to do an in-office whitening. This process is also called in-chair Bleaching.

Lightening your teeth in one or two shades takes approximately one hour in the dentist’s chair.

We recommend an at-home whitening routine for the best long-term results.

The whitening gel we provide is a safe and effective treatment. It does not damage or weaken the enamel of teeth.

Some patients may experience a temporary increase in teeth sensitivity, although our gel concentration makes this unlikely.

Should it occur, we suggest stopping the bleaching process for 1 -2 days by resting your teeth and continuing the cycle.

Gum irritation may also occur, especially if you have gingivitis and bleeding gums.

For this reason, we recommend a thorough tooth and gum cleaning before commencing the bleaching process.

The dentist must examine patients with sensitivity before undertaking any form of whitening.

Proper dental examinations allow for a professional assessment of your enamel and a prescription of appropriate gel grades.

Pola Smile Shade Guide

On average most patients see a 2-3 shade change lighter. Shades are based on the clinical referral chart provided by SDI Polawhite.

Our dentists will consult you on strength and whitening application recommendations based on your teeth. Polawhite has been clinically tested to protect your teeth and gums.

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