How to fix Broken Dentures?

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Although tempting, it’s vital to not attempt to repair a broken dentures at home. Unfortunately, trying to fix a broken denture without proper knowledge could potentially cause further damage or create oral issues.

Materials purchased over the counter may irritate the mouth and gums, nor  adequately secure the components onto your denture. Attempting to use standard ‘super’ glue may prove difficult to remove even with the use of dental lab instruments. Resulting in an entirely new denture to be replaced.

As dentures are used almost on a daily basis accidents are common. Frequent incidences may include;

  • Denture tooth breaking or detaching from the denture.
  • Complete snap of the denture.
  • Partial acrylic (gum lining) break.
  • Flexible partial or metal clasp breaking. This is the component that attaches the denture to the supporting neighbouring teeth.

When breaking your denture it’s essential to collect all of the damaged components and contact your dentist immediately. Dental professionals can appropriately repair dentures in a relatively short period of time. Therefore, it’s not necessary to increase the problematic oral health or financial risks.

Upon initial construction, dentures are designed and sculpted to fit accordingly to the patients mouth and neighbouring teeth. Attempts to repair this without professional knowledge and experience may disrupt the alignment and fitting of your denture.

fix broken denture

Let your dentist know

To help fasten the turnaround pace for a dentist to repair a broken denture, it’s important to inform the dentists before your appointment. It’s best to describe what parts of the denture have been damaged and if you have collected all of its components.

What is a Denture Reline?

Denture Relining is the process of resurfacing the tissue/gum side of the denture with new material to fill and replace the empty space to allow the denture to re-fit correctly in your mouth. Denture relining is recommended by a dentist depending upon the changes that may occur with the bone of your mouth.

Repairing your Denture

At Amazing Smiles, our dentures are both made and repaired in Australia. This allows for hasten turn around times for urgent denture repairs and more effective communication capabilities between supplies. Therefore, providing far better end results for each patient.

Upon arrival our dentists will examine your current denture and if required may perform an oral assessment to analyse what adjustments might be recommended to appropriately repair your denture.

For more information about Denture Repair, feel free to contact us at any one of our Amazing Smiles Clinics located at Nerang, Logan, Jimboomba, Strathpine and Wynnum.

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