Wedding Smile Makeovers

Wedding Smile Makeovers

Bright White Smiles for your Wedding Day

Do you have a wedding coming up and want a whiter smile?

The team at Amazing Smiles are now offering an exclusive “wedding smile makeovers” offer to make your special day even more unforgettable. Have a brighter and white smile for your wedding with our SDI Pola White Teeth Whitening treatments.

Effective Teeth Whitening solutions to ensure that your smile is shining bright for the sacred moments captured on your wedding day.

Now is the opportunity for whiter smiles with Wedding Smile Makeovers by Amazing Smiles.

On your wedding day, your smile is captured forever in photographic and video moments. Therefore it is even more essential to have a smile that lasts forever in memory and in those special photos.

Your wedding is an unforgettable moment. Make your smile unforgettable!

Whitening gel does not bleach crowns, fillings, or other external restorations. Prices below DO NOT include cost of checkup & clean. Free initial consults are not available with this service. Please contact your nearest Amazing Smiles clinic regarding cost on compulsory Checkup & Cleans prior to teeth whitening.

Why do I need a Checkup and Clean before teeth whitening?

Dentist Checkup and Clean

Prior to purchasing your teeth whitening kit from our dentist, we will need to perform a compulsory checkup and clean.

The purpose of this checkup is to ensure that both your teeth and gums are healthy to receive whitening treatment. There may be issues previously unknown such as decay, cavities or soft enamel that may cause issues with whitening. These issues may also cause increased sensitivity. Furthermore, there may also be issues with current staining that could be difficult to remove.

A scale and clean is also performed to remove any plaque and calculus build up that could be effecting your teeth. Therefore potentially effecting the whitening process.

More importantly, if there are current restorations on your teeth such as; fillings, crowns, veneers or resin, these can not be whitened.

Checkup and Clean is required for both DIY kits and In-Chair treatments.

Will private health cover my teeth whitening?

All private health providers vary with their health cover benefits. It may be best to contact your private health provider directly to discuss teeth whitening covers.

To accommodate private health, our clinics have on-site HICAPS terminals to process payments. Please note that our clinics all differ with platinum, extras and preferred providers.

Therefore please contact your nearest Amazing Smiles clinic to discuss platinum provider details and information regarding your teeth whitening payment options.

Additionally please remember to bring your private health fund card for on the spot processing.

Generally most private health providers cover all or portion of the cost for standard checkup and cleans prior to the additional cost of teeth whitening treatment. Therefore it is best to look into teeth whitening options on the same day as your regular checkup and clean.

As an alternative we do offer dental payment plans with ZipMoney after an initial deposit. ZipMoney provides increased flexibility with no interest.

How white can teeth get?

Our dentists will use the Pola White teeth whitening guide as a reference to compare your teeth.

Pola Smile SDI

On average for natural teeth, Pola White can achieve 2-3 shades whiter in reference to their 8 Shade colour guide.

It is important to note that your natural teeth can only achieve a particular shade of white. This is why it’s important to consult a dentist for professional advice regarding whitening as there are many whitening kits online that have much higher claims of whitening shades.

The comparison of these whitening guides can be misleading since your teeth may not be able to achieve a level/shade of white that they may claim.

Regarding natural teeth colour, some individuals may have a darker shade of “dentin”, which can be yellow in colour. Therefore whitening treatments may be less effective since teeth whitening works on lighting the outer layer of your teeth known as the enamel. As a result the whitening compounds are unable to absorb into the dentin.

How long does teeth whitening take before I see results?

With In-Chair teeth whitening treatments, patients tend to see results immediately when comparing colour shade guides.

Dependent upon the consistency with application and gel concentration, patients tend to see noticeable results within 5-14 days.

Your dentist will advise on the gel strength level, which may best suite your teeth requirements and sensitivities.

How long will my white teeth last after treatment?

The duration of your newly whitened teeth after treatment may vary dependent upon your oral habits. Such as what you eat, drink or smoke.

It is clinically researched that whitening should be performed once every 6 to 12 months for optimal results.

Without regular “whitening touch-ups” from your dentist, your teeth will gradually go back to their natural or previous colour. Once again, this is dependent upon your home oral care.

Wedding Smile Makeovers Terms & Conditions of Promotion

This promotion is only valid to either “Bride and Groom”. Or as a minimum 3 person group package such as either “Bridesmaids” and “Groomsman” groups.

Discount on standard pricing is only valid when bookings are performed at the same time. If booked separately, meaning consultations are several days apart, than an upfront 50% deposit is required for the teeth whitening treatment (excluding checkup and clean cost) for each individual that may be receiving whitening. Discount couple or group costs are not valid for treatments that are performed weeks or months apart.

We reserve the right to take photos or video to congratulate or promote the wedding couple or group online. Or ‘repost’ an image that the couple or members of the group package may post online on Social Media.

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