5 Benefits Invisalign Have Over Traditional Braces

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Recent orthodontic innovations have seen a change in the old braces you may remember from your teenage years. One such development can be found in the use of removable trays to correct dental spacing and alignment. Aligners are a convenient substitute to traditional metal braces and the discomfort the wires and brackets can cause. One style of aligner, Invisalign, allow for the correction of your teeth with little to no change in your appearance.

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Of course, everyone is different and whether you’re eligible for invisalign® treatment depends on your specific condition and your orthodontist’s recommendation.

Below you will find 5 of the most common benefits invisalign® have over conventional metal braces that may make your dental treatment a little more manageable.

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5 Benefits of Invisalign Clear Braces

  1. Appearance

The most common reason patients prefer wearing invisalign®, compared to traditional metal braces, is their discreet wearability.

Often people feel a little self-conscious believing their braces look unattractive. They may begin to avoid social interactions or even become reluctant to smile because of their appearance.

Invisalign® provides patients with a discreet and virtually invisible option to make wearing braces practically unnoticeable.

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  1. Invisalign® are Removable

As Invisalign® can be removed, patients are able to eat a larger variety of food compared to wearing the metal alternative.

Invisalign® is also free from complicated components like brackets and wires, which are known for trapping bits of food after a meal.

This makes cleaning and hygiene a lot more manageable.

  1. Comfort

The smooth plastic material design of Invisalign® means their wear causes less irritation when compared to the sharp metal alternative, reducing instances of cuts, ulcers and general discomfort.

  1. Invisalign®, Better for an Active Lifestyle

As mentioned earlier, Invisalign® can be removed better suiting those patients with an active sporting lifestyle.

Generally, contact sports are a big no-no when wearing conventional metal braces, as the components can be bent, dislodged or can even injure the patient during play.

Removing your Invisalign® clear braces, and wearing the appropriate dental protection, will allow you to continue enjoying the sports you love.

  1. Duration

In some cases, conventional metal braces can result in longer periods of treatment. However, patients wearing Invisalign® may be lucky enough to have their teeth realigned in a much shorter time.

Again, every case is different and your eligibility and duration will depend on your specific case.

To discuss whether you could benefit from wearing Invisalign® today, feel free to call our offices and book an appointment with one of our qualified orthodontists.


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