Can You Floss If You Have Braces? Yes, You Can and Here’s How

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Some people may think that cleaning and flossing their teeth when they have braces is a near impossible task. But, learning how to thread properly and floss will make all the difference for your dental hygiene.

Below is a step-by-step guide to help you rid your mouth of any leftover food and plaque building up between the gaps in your teeth.

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How to Floss When You Have Braces

You’ll want to use floss with a wax coating to ensure the floss doesn’t fray or break as it rubs against the components of your braces. Wax coated floss will also make the gaps between your teeth much more effortless.

  1. First, grab the floss so that one end is peaking a couple of inches through the grip of your thumb and index finger.
  2. Thread the end of the floss over the wire and gently pull it down so that the floss runs between the wire and your teeth (make sure you’re not pulling the floss against the wire).
  3. Now, wind each end of the floss around each of your index fingers
  4. Using a mirror, thread floss through your teeth by putting the index finger, holding the bottom end of the floss, inside your mouth towards the top of your palate.
  5. Thread the floss through the gap on the other side of the tooth so that it now passes through to the front side. Imagine drying your back with a towel – this is how the floss should be around your tooth.
  6. Gently pull the floss up and down to rub the floss between the gaps of your teeth to remove wedged foods and other bacteria.
  7. Take hold of one end and gently pull it through to remove the floss. Be careful removing the floss, as you don’t want to pull against the wires or dislodge the brackets.
  8. Repeat steps 1- 7 for each tooth.

Using a Pixter

Piksters, which are also available from most major supermarkets (in the oral health aisle), is also an essential method for cleaning in between your brackets

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