Dental Smile Makeover Packages

Dental Smile Makeover Packages

Cosmetic makeovers to restore and improve the appearance of your smile

Smile Dental Makeover Packages generally consist of a combination of dentistry treatments for bright shining smiles and restoring your confidence.

These may include various techniques used to achieve the result, such as; veneers, orthodontics, teeth whitening, crowns, dentures & dental implants, and teeth extraction or missing tooth replacement. Root canal therapy (Endodontics) is a treatment for an infected tooth affecting the nerves, which causes tooth pain.

Amazing Smiles cosmetic dentists also aim to revitalise the natural health of teeth and gums. We emphasise preventative dental care and education for prolonging good oral health.

Treatments for smile makeovers vary and are unique to each patient. Therefore, throughout our dental clinics across South East Queensland, we provide a Free Initial Consult for Quotes. 

It’s an honour to have dentists that have honed their craft from years of experience with effective results. They are designers of unforgettable smiles! Dental makeovers have the potential to transform not only appearance but personalities that are brought by having a proud and confident smile.

Smile Makeover

Will the combination of treatments still make my smile look natural?

Our dentist pride themselves in the artistry behind their work.

Each dentist go through great lengths in perfecting natural looking bright smiles. Our aim to provide each patient with natural looking teeth. Relative to the proportions of neighbouring teeth, sizing, colour and positioning. That way, singular treated teeth will not be noticeably evident to the eye.

Are smile makeovers performed in the one consult?

On average, smile makeovers are performed over a duration of multiple consults varying upon the patients requirements. The length of time per seating and days or weeks between consults also differ between the treatment and natural healing required.

What's involved in the process?

Our front desk will request new patients to complete a health check and confidentiality form. It is advised for new patients to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to their examination to discuss any queries. Please don’t hesitate to mention any anxious or nervous reservations that you may be experiencing.

On an initial examination performed by a dentist, the dentist may request an X-Ray*. This is to examine the underlying health and bone structure of your teeth and mouth. With a more extensive examination, the dentist will then be able to provide a customized treatment plan. We will sit down and help structure a plan to cater within budgeting and scheduling. We help to educate each patient with each process involved in the plan and aim to be transparent to alleviate any reservations.

*X-Rays are an additional service cost and are not included in the free initial consult.

Improvements with smile makeovers can be made on teeth that suffer from; stain or discolouration, gaps or missing teeth, improper aligned teeth, cracked or chipped teeth, decayed and damaged teeth.

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