Cracked Tooth

Cracked Tooth

Helping to repair damaged teeth

Why do teeth crack?

There are 32 teeth in the mouth of an adult, and each has a functional purpose.

We use our front teeth to cut food, whilst our back teeth are for chewing food.

Teeth start to crack or break down due to oral hygiene reasons or accidental impact.

There are numerous causes of a cracked tooth.


Patients that grind their teeth unknowingly during sleep suffer from a condition known as Bruxism. In doing so, patients are unaware of the damage they are causing to their teeth.

Some of the signs and symptoms of a patient grinding their teeth at night are sore jaw in the morning and extreme headaches.

This constant pressure on the teeth causes stress fractures, leading to cracked teeth, fallen fillings, and sensitive teeth. The range of treatment for Bruxism is occlusal night guards, Botox and complex rehabilitation of the teeth bite system.

Accidental Trauma

Sometimes, teeth suffer from accidents, and the effects range from minor hairline fractures to major tooth/root fractures.

Teeth with excessive restoration work

Teeth that have old amalgam that has been in place for over a decade have a high risk of fractures.

Unfortunately, these amalgams under constant use will either weaken the enamel wall or dislodge themselves.

Extensive composite restorations can also be weak and break under constant hard pressure.

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Crack tooth syndrome

When a patient experience pain on a tooth when eating it can be due to a crack tooth. At Amazing Smiles the dentist can diagnose this complex pain with a few test which they can utilize. One of these test is a bite/crack finder test. The patient is made to bite on a plastic Crack finder. When offending tooth has a crack the patient will feel a sharp pain on release of the bite.

How do we treat a crack tooth?

This all varies on how much damage the tooth has sustained, how much tooth structure is present and whether the nerve is damaged. If the damage is only at tooth level often the dentist would suggest protecting the tooth with a crown. A crown is a hard outer shell that is made from porcelain, gold or zirconia.

If the crack has propagated deeper into the tooth and has caused more throbbing pain then it is best treated by taking out the nerve and doing root canal therapy.

We can also use a combination of composite resins and veneer ceramic materials to restore cracked teeth.

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