Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction

Experienced Dentists in gently removing damaged or overcrowded teeth

Teeth Extraction Dentist

Our goal at Amazing Smiles Dental is to save your natural teeth for as long as possible. However, in some circumstances this may not be optional. Some teeth may have suffered from severe deterioration that are unable to be salvaged due to extensive damage to their natural structure. Unfortunately tooth extraction might be the only solution to improve oral health.

Once our team gently remove a tooth, an essential stage is to fill the empty space to avoid any natural shifting or movement of remaining teeth. This also helps to conserve healthy bone structure. To accommodate the empty space from the extraction we may need to implement a bridge or dental implant.

Prior to extraction an X-Ray may be performed to analyze and review the internal structure of your teeth.

For simple extractions, if the tooth is easily accessible, the gum lining will be numbed and then removed using special equipment to help grip the tooth. With complex cases, surgery incisions may need to be performed.

Teeth Extractions may also be recommended for severe overcrowding of teeth. This may also include kids that may have multiple rows of teeth, otherwise known as “shark teeth”. At Amazing Smiles we aim to gently and compassionately remove teeth. Our team are well experienced in removing teeth from kids through to elderly.

Wisdom Teeth Removal is also commonly performed.

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