What to do and how to fix traditional braces when they become loose?

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Loose braces are a common issue for those that wear them, and they must be dealt with as soon as possible to ensure the success of their treatment. It would be best if you visited your nearest orthodontics dentist to fix traditional braces when they loosen or brackets come off.

In today’s article, we will cover some common reasons why your braces may become loose and what you need to do as soon as you encounter the issue.

What to do When Your Braces Come Loose

What Causes Your Braces to Become Loose?

Unfortunately, braces will loosen from time to time, and the reasons for this can vary. Let’s take a quick look at some of these reasons in detail so you know how to recognize each possible scenario.

Moving Teeth – During your treatment, your teeth will move following your growth and corrective alignment of your braces. As these teeth move, there will be a change in the bite as your teeth come together. This change can cause your braces to loosen.

Bad Connection Between Bracket and Tooth – When the brackets have been attached to surfaces other than a normal tooth, such as porcelain or silver fillings, the bond can be compromised. This can also happen in cases where saliva is present on the tooth during the initial attachment.

Eating Bad and/or Hard Foods – Eating food your cosmetic dentist has advised against can cause dislodgement of your braces.

Trauma and Impact – Harsh knocks to the face can cause your braces to loosen and even deform in extreme instances. This is one of the worst cases, as not only will there be a need for readjustment, but it can also result in lacerations and further discomfort.

How to fix traditional braces when they become loose

No matter the cause, you should always contact your orthodontist as soon as possible. In the meantime, using orthodontic wax may provide relief from potential discomfort.

To succeed in your treatment, you must see your nearest orthodontic dentist as soon as possible. Any loosening or dislodgment can cause the affected teeth to fall behind in treatment and may take months to catch up if not properly seen.


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