Dental Patient Information

Dental Patient Information

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What to expect at your appointment:

Media Selections

We offer several different media choices for patients during their appointments. Patients are able to choose from our varied selections or bring their favourites from home. We’ll provide our patients with personal headphones. These selections include:

Music Players
We offer our patients the choice of listening to our range of music, listening to the radio or even bring their own CD’s to listen.

Large LCD TV’s
There are LCD Televisions in every treatment room that allow patients to catch up on the news, their favourite sporting events, or the soaps.

DVD Movies
Each room is also set up to play movies for longer appointments. Patients are able to choose from action, romance, drama, and children’s movies. Or, patients may bring their favourite movies from home.

Children’s Visit

Young children coming to our office for their very first dental experience can be excited or sometimes a little nervous. It is important, as a parent to not let any of the fears you or people around your child alter their perception of what a visit to the dentist will be like.

Children's VisitWe take extra time to ensure your child enjoys their first trip to the dentist. On their first visit we encourage your child to take radiographs and complete a dental cleaning. We also apply professional topical fluoride to keep your child’s teeth strong.

Completion of all these tasks is greatly dependent upon your child’s cooperativeness, the acuteness and degree of any visible dental decay, and their underlying comfort level.

During the lap examination, a dental assistant will request that you hold your child’s hands to facilitate the examination and to prevent injury secondary to grabbing a dental instrument. It is extremely important to remember that nothing during this visit will cause pain to your child.

Supporting Your child

Feel confident in knowing that we have successfully worked with hundreds of children and have been confronted with every type personality possible. We do not expect children to act mature beyond their age; we expect your child to exhibit age-appropriate coping skills. If you are not completely comfortable with the management of a particular situation, we desire your input. It is important that you freely and openly discuss the management of your child’s behaviour. We truly want what is best for your child!

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