Comprehensive Oral Examinations

Comprehensive Oral Examinations

We establish a plan for looking after your happy, healthy smile

How long has it been since your last trip to the dentist? We understand that often people are anxious about visiting the dentist. At Amazing Smiles Dentist Clinics there’s no need to be apprehensive. This all important first appointment is about us getting to know one another, and together establishing a plan for looking after your happy, healthy smile.

What is a Comprehensive Oral Examination?

Amazing Smiles dentists like to take our time carefully inspecting your mouth. A quick look isn’t what you want, need, or value for your money.

We use our expertise to search for decay, oral cancer, diseased gums, deteriorating bones, symptoms of deficiencies or diseases and any other irregularities.

Dentists also like to look at any teeth you might be missing, any extra teeth you might have and how your teeth bite together.

Why have a Comprehensive Oral Examination?

You wouldn’t build a house without a plan, so don’t set about having dental treatment without one. “Treating” teeth at random and only when you are in trouble is like building a house without a plan.

Without considering the big picture, you will not get the best result. There is a minimal point in putting a beautiful porcelain crown on top of a tooth if the foundation (your gums) is unhealthy.

The comprehensive oral exam is our plan – a blueprint we build together. Together, we discuss your dental health goals, current dental position, budget, time, and any other factors you feel are necessary. Then together, we create a plan for managing your future oral care.

In this way, we can:

Limit the likelihood of unpleasant surprises. We want a long term dental plan that satisfies both your immediate and future needs. Like servicing a vehicle, in most cases, through thorough regular care, we can identify and treat minor problems before they become big ones. We can talk about various options and treatments that keep your smile tip top.

Accommodate your budget. Nobody likes nasty surprises when it comes to cost. We give you cost estimates for any treatment you need. This way, you can make decisions with your budget in mind.

Plan your time. We generally know how long each procedure will take, and we can then schedule your appointments according to your needs.

We look forward to welcoming you to Amazing Smiles Dentistry Clinics.

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